I first became interested in BasiCode thanks to @annabeep. We met at the Imperica Horizons conference, at which I was speaking. She asked me what I knew of it. Unusually for me, I knew nothing, and had even less to say! But the concept intruiged me (as I'd developed something similar for my BASIC projects 'back in the day') to set about looking at the only 3 web sites in existence.


So, what is it?


Well, as the Wikipedia page says, BasiCode is an attempt at making the 'Esperanto' of BASIC programming, by removing the vendor-specific components of each BASIC variant. It did this by limiting the scope of the BASIC commands that could be used, and providing an abstraction library (in the form of GOSUB routines) for all the platform-specific stuff.


Sound familar?


As a keen advocate of cross-platform programming (and best-selling author on the topic ;) I thought I should revive it. And use the most prominent platform-agnostic language I could think of.